Church Bylaw

North Richmond Alliance Church





These bylaws, the Local Church Constitution, and the Manual of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada constitute the governing documents of the church.




In these bylaws, unless the context otherwise requires:


“Membership Meeting”
means the meeting for all active members called by the Board of Elders

means the Board of Elders of the church

means the bylaws of the church

means the Local Church Constitution contained in the Manual of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada

means North Richmond Alliance Church of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada

“Membership Agreement”
means the witnessed and signed agreement of a member as a condition of membership

“ordinary resolution”
is a resolution that requires a simple majority of the votes cast at a general meeting by the members eligible to vote or at a meeting of the Board.

“special resolution”
is a resolution that requires a majority of no fewer than two-thirds (2/3) of the votes cast at a general meeting by the members eligible to vote or at a meeting of the Board. It is required to make fundamental changes to the organization and governance of the church and decisions about major issues.


Part 1 – Name


1.1. This church is named “North Richmond Alliance Church of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada” (列治文城北宣道會).

1.2. This church is governed under the Canadian Pacific District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada.



Part 2 – Membership


2.1. In the absence of any other structure they approve, the Board shall be responsible for all matters related to membership.

2.2. Qualifications for membership are as stipulated in the Constitution and these bylaws.

2.3. There are two categories of membership:

2.3.1 Active Member

An Active Member is a member in good standing who has been officially confirmed as having met the requirements for membership outlined in the Constitution and these bylaws, and who regularly attends and actively supports the church and abides the Membership Agreement.

Active Members are eligible:

  1. to vote if aged nineteen or older,
  2. to give primary leadership to church ministries, and
  3. unless otherwise restricted in these bylaws, to be elected to the Board.

2.3.2. Inactive Member

An Inactive Member is an active member who:

  1. has three consecutive absences from the Membership Meeting without providing written notice to the church (elderly members who are sixty-five or older are exempt), or
  2. does not regularly attend the church’s Sunday worship for reasons not acceptable by the Board, or
  3. is categorized to be in this status by the decision of the Board.

Inactive Members may not vote or hold primary leadership to church ministries.

An Inactive Member may be returned to Active Member status at the discretion of the Board.

2.4. An individual can become an Active Member of the church by either one of the following processes:

  1. by baptism in our church
  2. by membership transfer from another church, this process normally requires a three-months observation period by the church and a recommendation from the previous church that this individual is a member of
  3. by special case-by-case consideration for those who have been baptised but have no current church membership association

2.5. In addition, all applicants for membership shall be expected to sign a Membership Agreement that identifies the commitment being made to the fundamental beliefs of our church and the authorization for the church to terminate their membership when such commitment is breached.

2.6. An applicant for membership becomes an active member when officially confirmed by the Board.

2.7. A person ceases to be a member of the church:

  1. by delivering their resignation in writing to the church
  2. by transfer to another church
  3. upon death
  4. upon being expelled as a result of any disciplinary process



Part 3 – Government


3.1. The Membership Meeting must be held at least twice annually on a date set by the Board.

3.1.1. The Year-beginning Membership Meeting shall be held within the first four months of the fiscal year with the main purposes to report previous year’s ministries, to review previous year’s audited or reviewed annual financial, and to report the budget of the new fiscal year.

3.1.2. The Year-end Membership Meeting shall be held within three months prior to the ending of the fiscal year with the main purposes to elect elders, to elect member representatives of the Elders Nomination Committee, and to appoint an auditor or financial reviewer for the church’s financial statements for the upcoming year.

3.2. Notice of Membership Meeting must be provided on at least two consecutive Sunday worship bulletins prior to the meeting. Such notice must indicate the purpose of the meeting and include the agenda and make any written reports available.

3.3. Special Membership Meetings to consider special or urgent business shall be called by the Board by majority vote when they see fit.

3.4. Notice of Special Membership Meeting must be provided on at least two consecutive Sunday worship bulletins prior to the meeting. Such notice shall indicate the purpose of the meeting.

3.5. The quorum for a duly-called Membership Meeting shall be the members present.

3.6. Each Active Member is entitled to one vote and voting by proxy is not allowed.



Part 4 – Board of Elders


4.1. The Board of Elders shall consist of the Senior Pastor, and at least three (3) and up to a maximum of twelve (12) elected elders. The number of members shall be set annually by the Board of Elders.

4.1.1. All active male members who have attained the age of twenty-five (25), been baptized for over four (4) years, and have been an Active Member of the church for at least two (2) years are eligible for nomination to serve on the Board.

4.1.2. Elected elder must receive a confirmation vote from at least two-thirds (2/3) of the members present at a duly-called Membership Meeting for the eldership to take effect.

4.2. The length of term shall be two (2) years; however, an occasional term of one (1) year is acceptable in order to maintain effective continuity of leadership.

4.2.1. An elder may serve at the pleasure of the members as long as he has been nominated by the Elders Nomination Committee and is eligible under 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 above.

4.3. The term of office shall begin on the first day of a new fiscal year at which the member is elected.

4.4. The Board shall meet at least bi-monthly and post its meeting minutes in a timely fashion to the congregation.

4.5. The quorum for meetings of the Board shall be a majority of the serving members.

4.6. The Board shall elect the officers of the church – Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer from among its members.

4.6.1. At the request of the Senior Pastor, the Board may nominate a Chair for consideration by the Senior Pastor.

4.6.2. If the Senior Pastor is not the Chair of the Board, he retains the position of an officer of the church.

4.6.3. Any two officers may sign documents on behalf of the church with the approval of the Board.

4.7. The Board shall set and be the final interpreter of church policies.

4.8. Unless stipulated in higher precedence legislation or these bylaws, the Board shall determine the requirement for a special resolution.

4.9. The Board shall regularly review the Senior Pastor’s ministry and remuneration.

4.10. If a Board member is absent for three (3) consecutive meetings without sufficient reason, the remaining members may declare the position vacant and fill it in accordance with the Constitution.

4.11. Persons who are not Board members may be present at a Board meeting or portion thereof at the invitation of the Board.



Part 5 – Finances


5.1. The Treasurer and those appointed by the Board shall be the signing officers for the church bank accounts. The Treasurer shall be one of the signing officers of all church-related accounts.

5.2. The church shall not incur debt, with the exception of church credit card debt and capital leases not exceeding $30,000, without the approval of the District Executive Committee.

5.3. Any non-budgeted proposed expenditure exceeding 10% of the annual operating budget shall be approved by special resolution at a duly called Membership Meeting.

5.4. The fiscal year of the church shall be from January 1st to December 31st.

5.5. There shall be an annual financial review or audit conducted by an independent (non-church related) reviewer or auditor.

5.6. The audited or reviewed annual financial report must be presented at the Year-beginning Membership Meeting.




Part 6 – Elder Elections


6.1. The Elder Nominating Committee must consist of the Senior Pastor (or in the absence of a Senior Pastor, the Vice-Chair of the board or a pastor appointed by the Board) as the chair of the committee, a minimum of two (2) board members appointed by the Board, and equal number of Active Members, who are non-Board members, elected at a duly called Membership Meeting.

6.2. The Elder Nominating Committee shall serve until the next Year-end Membership Meeting.

6.3. The Board shall appoint replacements if vacancies might occur in the Elder Nominating Committee.

6.4. The Board shall annually inform the Elder Nominating Committee of the number of elders desired for the next term, ensuring a continuity of leadership.

6.5. The Elder Nominating Committee shall establish its process for considering potential nominees.

6.6. The Elder Nominating Committee shall post its report on at least four (4) consecutive Sunday worship bulletins (at least 21 days) prior to the date set for the Year-end Membership Meeting.

Nominations by Members

6.7. Additional nominations may be made by any two (2) Active Members by:

6.7.1. Submitting the name to the Board for posting at least ten (10) days prior to the Year-end Membership Meeting. Such nomination shall be included on the ballot without being vetted by the Board.

6.7.2. The submission must be in a written format with the signatures of the nominators and the signature of the nominee to accept the nomination.

6.8. The list of elder nominees shall be finalized on the agenda on at least two (2) consecutive Sunday worship bulletins before the Membership Meeting.



Part 7 – General


7.1. No offering for outside agencies may be solicited without the approval of the Board.



Part 8 – Amendments


8.1. Bylaw amendments may be proposed by the Board and submitted to the District Superintendent for approval by the District Executive Committee.

8.2. Amendments will be valid only after being approved by the District Executive Committee and adopted by Special Resolution of the Active Members present at a duly called Membership Meeting for such purpose.





Adopted – Approved at Membership Meeting on 1994-10-23.

Revised – Per District Office requirement to change the criteria for additional elders nomination outside of the Elders Nomination Committee. Approved at Membership Meeting on 1995-05-19.

Revised – Per latest Constitution requirement to add elders must be elected with more than two-thirds (2/3) of the confirmation votes from the members at a membership meeting. Approved at Membership Meeting on 1996-10-20.

Revised – Add categories to distinguish between Active and Inactive Members. Approved at Membership Meeting on 2010-03-28.

Revised – Per District Executive Committee requirement to conform to the latest Model Church Bylaws. Approved by District Executive Committee on 2018-10-10 with item 4.2.1 to be reviewed within the first year when a new Senior Pastor is appointed after Rev. Dr. Titus Yu’s tenure. Bylaws adopted at Membership Meeting on 2018-10-22.