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Feature News


October 13, 2019

  1. The Fall Baptism will be held today after the sermon @11:00AM combined worship.
  2. List of Baptismal Candidates: Eva Hoi Wa Chow (周愷樺), Joyce Yu (于王鏞芬), Monita Lo (盧譚麗環), Sue Su (蘇綺華), Nancy Wei Ye (葉薇), Shalley Shou Xin Li (李守信), Sally Zhu (朱香玲), Mark Sheng Chao Yan (閆生超), Rachel Sin (單諾希), Joshua Poon (潘言暉), Charles Sin。
  3. The Anniversary Thanksgiving Worship Service will be held next SUN, OCT 20 in the Main Sanctuary. There will be a Thanksgiving Dinner Banquet @6:00PM that evening at the Continental Seafood Restaurant (11700 Cambie Road, Richmond) for NRAC congregants only. Deadline for registration is WED, OCT 16.
  4. The Sunday Bible Study Group (Cantonese) will be studying the book of Genesis Chapter 39 to 41@5:30PM today.
  5. EM Prayer Meeting - Come join us every WED @8:00PM in the chapel for midweek fellowship and prayer. If you have any prayer requests or praise items, you can submit them at [] or the “Prayer & Missions” section of EM Bulletin Board.