This Bylaw is compiled with accordance to the Local Church Constitution stipulated in The Manual of The Christian and Missionary Alliance Church is not conflicting with the provisions of the Constitution.  This Bylaw is put together for the purpose of governing the administration of this church.


I. Name

            This church is named North Richmond Alliance Church of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada.

II. District

            This church is governed under the Canadian Pacific District of The Christian and Missionary Alliance.

III. Membership

A. Enrolment criterion

1. Baptism

2. Transfer

B. Types

1. Active member

2. Inactive member

One who has three consecutive absence from the annual general meetings without providing written notices to the elder in charge of the membership department will automatically become an inactive member.  To reapply as active member, one has to obtain the approval from the Board of Elders.

C. Termination

1. Transfer

2. Deletion

IV. Organization & Election

A. Membership Assembly

1. Annual General Meeting

Twice a year this meeting is called by the Board of Elders.  The First Membership Meeting should be held at the beginning of the year.  It mainly includes annual report for all departments, review of prior year year-end financial statements and budget of the new fiscal year.  The Second Membership Meeting should be held at the end of the year.  It mainly consists of elders election and auditor nomination for the following year; general member representatives to the nomination committee of elders for the year after next would be elected.  Notice of the date and detail agenda of such meeting must be given in the church bulletin no later than two Sundays prior to the general meeting.

2. Contingency / Emergency Membership Meeting

It is called by the Board of Elders only when special/emergent situation arises that immediate decision has to be made.  The date and the agenda of meeting will be posted on the church bulletin two Sundays in advance.

B. The Board of Elders

1. Board of Members

The main body is made up of the Senior Pastor and all the elders.  Other pastoral staff may be required to sit in the board meetings with no voting provilege.

2. Number of members

Determined by the Board of Elders with respect to the needs of the coming year.

3. Term

Each term is 2 years.  Each member could be re-elected, with no fixed term limit.

4. Meeting Schedule

At least once every 2 months.  The minutes must be made available to the congregation accordingly.

C. Election of Elders

1. Only active church members are elegible to vote.

2. The qualified candidate must have been baptized for 4 years or more and has been an active member for at least 2 years.

3. Elders have to be elected by ballots.  Elected elders have to have at least 2/3 votes in order to take effect.

D. Deacon

1. The elder who heads a department will nominate individuals who are able to assist him to carry out departmental responsibilities.  Upon approval by the Board of Elders, the successful candidates will be designated as deacons.

2. The term is yearly, with no fixed term limit.

E. Nominating procedure for Elders

1. Nomination by the Nominating Committee

(a) Formation of Nominating Committee

(i) 2 members from the current Board of Elders

(ii) 2 members at large

(iii) Senior Pastor will chair the committee.  Should he become unavailable, the vice chairman of the Board of Elders will substitute him on the committee.

(b) Duty

To nominate potential candidate to fill the positions of elder for the coming year. The names of nominees will be announced to the congregation two weeks prior to the election date.

2. Nomination by the church member

(a) With consent by the nominee, nomination must be made by two active members.

(b) Submission procedure: Nomination must be submitted in writing and signed by the nominee and two nominators.

(c) All nomination submitted by the congregation must be completed ten days before the election date.  The document should be submitted to the Nominating Committee and the name of the nominees will be announced to the congregation one week prior to the election date.

V. Amendment of Bylaw

The Bylaw can be amended according to the needs of the church, when passed by 2/3 of the active members present during the general membership meeting.  With the approval from the District Office, the amended Bylaw will become effective.

(According to the latest edition of The Manuel of The C&MA, add item C.3 on this Bylaw, and has been adopted and passed in the member meeting of Oct 20, 1996.)