Book of Leviticus Bible Recitation

Book of Leviticus Bible Recitation


Awana Missionary

Awana Missionary

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October 23, 2016

1.        The Year-End Membership Meeting will be held tomorrow night, Monday, OCT 24, 7:30PM. All NRAC Members should attend. The meeting agenda:

                                  i.            Election of Elders for the 2017/2018 term,

                                Nominees: Billy Wong, Sunny Wong, David Ma, Vincent Lo

                                ii.            Election for 2 members to the Elders Nomination Committee

                               iii.            Election of auditor to conduct the 2016 audit.

                                                                      Nominee: WL & COMPANY

                               iv.            Others


2.        The Leviticus Bible Study Group (Cantonese) will be studying Leviticus Ch.26 this evening at 5:30PM.


3.        The next Theological Weekend (Cantonese) will be held on NOV 4-5 at NRAC Training Centre. Topic: Mission and Evangelism. Speaker: Dr. Ring Kwok. For registration or inquiry, please contact Pastor Jeffrey.


4.        The 2016 Mission Week will be held from Thursday, NOV 17 to Sunday, NOV 20. Speaker: Rev. Gabriel Li, Missionary from Aruba.


5.        The Leviticus Bible Quiz will be held on Sunday, DEC 4, 8:00PM. All fellowships are encouraged to participate. Please contact church office for more details.


6.        This year’s Christmas Worship will be held on Saturday, DEC 24, at 11:00AM.


7.        The 1:30PM Chinese Worship is looking to start a 1:30PM Youth Choir. Candidates should be between the ages of 15 and 26. For those who are interested, please contact Ida Ho.


8.        EM Prayer Meeting - Come join us every WED evening @8:00PM in the chapel for midweek fellowship and prayer. If you have any prayer requests or praise items, you can submit them at or the “Prayer & Missions” section of EM Bulletin Board.

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