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Feature News


February 16, 2020

  1. Health Advisory – If you have any signs or symptoms of illness (e.g. fever, cold, respiratory infection, etc.), please stay at home and DO NOT ATTEND any church functions or programs. If you are recovering from illness and coughing or sneezing, please wear a mask. As a precaution, refrain from shaking hands when greeting. Pray that the coronavirus infection be contained and those who are affected recover.
  2. The 2020 Spring Baptism will be held on APR 12.
  3. The Alliance Women will be meeting on SAT, MAR 7 @10AM. Guest speaker: Missionary Anne Louie. All ladies are welcomed. Lunch $10/person. Register with Helen Chan or Jenny Khoo at the counter in the Main Foyer.
  4. We have started a Children's Worship (Gr 1-6) @1:30PM. For registration and information, contact Pastor Seneca.
  5. 2019 Offering Receipts are available for pick up at the main foyer downstairs.
  6. The memorial service of Sarinna Kwok will be held on SAT, FEB 22 @10:00AM in the main sanctuary.
  7. EM Prayer Meeting – Join us every WED @8:00PM in the Chapel for midweek fellowship and prayer. If you have prayer requests or thanksgiving items, submit them to [] or at the “Prayer & Missions” section of the EM Bulletin Board.